Blue Sky Plan patch 4.7.5 2020 crack

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  • Development of your workflow as a dentist or an orthodontist with a contemporary solution.
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  • Other numerous useful functions and facilities.

Blue Sky Plan is a modern computer-aided surgery planning software. Surgical templates made in the program are easily exported to STL files and do not require additional processing. The program contains a wide range of implant systems.

More Blue Sky Plan patch 4.7.5 2020 cracked version

An improved tooth segmentation mode

For the orthodontic module, an improved mode of automatic tooth segmentation, various options for templates for braces, their automatic placement and much more were announced.

The updated module “crowns and bridges” does not yet reach the functionality of Exocad, but the result is very decent and the price of the issue differs tenfold. So far, this is the first trial, but there is already a possibility of making crowns on titanium bases for implants.

System requirements

Platform: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac

Portable (portable) version: no

Program language: English

Program features: Viewing computed tomograms, planning an implantation operation, modeling surgical templates.

License: free and paid

Disadvantages: minimum requirements – 8 GB RAM, 1 GB video card memory, sometimes after the upgrade, incompatibility with previous versions, the definition of the inferior alveolar nerve is completely incorrect, does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet in DICOM data.

Benefits: built-in video tutorials

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