Blue Sky Plan patch 4.7.5 crack

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  • Incredible digital implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
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Blue Sky Plan 2020 is an advanced Treatment Planning Software for Computer Guided Surgery. Surgical Guides can be ordered from certified dental labs, or fabricated completely in-house (no other software necessary).

More about cracked Blue Sky Plan patch 4.7.5

Now you can save the general configuration of an already created template

In general, there are many improvements in the program and those who have worked with the program before will immediately notice them. For example, it became possible to save the general configuration of an already created template when changing the position or even the number of implants.

The updated start screen immediately directs to the appropriate section. Noteworthy is the new module “Crowns and bridges”, as well as a separate item “model editing”. Fast switching between modules is available, as before, by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

In connection with the expansion and widespread certification of new materials for 3D printing, software modules for complete removable dentures and orthodontics are being increasingly developed.

An improved tooth segmentation mode

For the orthodontic module, an improved mode of automatic tooth segmentation, various options for templates for braces, their automatic placement and much more were announced.

The updated module “crowns and bridges” does not yet reach the functionality of Exocad, but the result is very decent and the price of the issue differs tenfold. So far, this is the first trial, but there is already a possibility of making crowns on titanium bases for implants.

Editing options for future crowns are fairly standard (including adjusting minimum material thicknesses and cement gap).

Crakced Blue Sky Plan 4.7.5 2020 is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. The rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.