Dental Wings CAD 9 DWOS 9 crack

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  • Development of your workflow as a dentist or an orthodontist with a contemporary solution.
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More Dental Wings CAD 9 DWOS 9 crack version

Dental Wings is one of the most reliable manufacturers of 3D scanners, whose products have high technical and operational characteristics. Dental Wings has decided to devote its business to the production of 3D scanners designed exclusively for dental purposes.

3D scanners from the Canadian manufacturer have many advantages over other similar devices. First, they are able to scan physical objects with very high speed and accuracy, while creating a high-resolution 3D model in the output, which allows dentists to create the most suitable crowns, dental implants, etc. Secondly, Dental Wings 3D scanners are very easy to use. To scan, just place the object inside the device and wait for the result. And, finally, thirdly, the products of this company are distinguished by high build quality, reliability and efficiency, which was achieved through the use of reliable materials and circuit solutions.

Innovative solutions

The company offers innovative CAD / CAM solutions aimed at facilitating and better creating dental prostheses, braces, bridges, etc. Using the Dental Wings 3D scanner, as the manufacturer guarantees, can significantly increase the productivity of dental clinics and laboratories. The DWOS platform, which is actively being implemented in clinics around the world, is already successfully operating in more than 40 countries. It is on it that the principle of functioning of the software and hardware of 3D scanners produced by this company is based.


  • General Faster scan time: up to 25% quicker due to meshing optimization using the powerful NVIDIA GPU. This feature requires specific hardware configurations. See next section.
  • Official 3Dconnexion mouse integration within DWOS and DWOS Easy Mode.
  • Home screen newsfeed featuring information from your distributor on DWOS laboratory products and features.
  • Import multiple files for each type of scan.
  • Multiple files get merged into one mesh per type.
  • Allows easy output management from third-party intraoral scanners e.g. generating more than a single file for a bite scan.

Cracked Dental Wings CAD 9 DWOS 9 2020 is a cool tool for dentists and orthodontists. Fast work and quite simple usage will make your purchase successful. This software allows you to speed up your workflow and leave the client very happy after the session. People believe in what they see. Show the client a step-by-step treatment process and he will gain confidence in a positive result.