Dolphin Imaging patch 11.8 crack 2020

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The main updates of patch 11.8

  • 8 introduces tight integration with Sirona’s new “CEREC for Orthodontics” product
  • 8 introduces a new checkbox in Options | General Options for choosing whether to display landmarks, lines, and measurement text numbers using “3D Shading” rendering
  • 8 introduces a new memory usage enhancement designed to alleviate and prevent out-of-memory issues
  • 8 introduces a new option in the volume/volume superimposition module

There are such main modules of the Dolphin Imaging


Aquarium is a collection of high quality, professionally executed 3D multimedia materials covering various topics. An interactive module with a colorful interface allows the patient to clearly demonstrate the results of diagnostics, the strategy of orthodontic or surgical treatment, to show educational videos on hygiene, the rules for using orthodontic equipment.


3D Surgery is the latest surgical planning module, an animated demonstration of skeletal and soft tissue changes in the maxillofacial region using 3D images of spiral and cone-beam tomography.


Dolphin 3D software is widely used in research institutes, universities, clinics around the world. Dolphin 3D is equipped with tools for 3D visualization and analysis of volumetric datasets that make working with 3D images as simple and efficient as possible! Allows you to view and analyze 3D obtained using CT, MRI, 3D cameras.

Treatment Simulation

Treatment Simulation software module includes interactive tools for high-precision diagnostics, planning, creating presentations of clinical cases in lateral projection.


Cephalometric analysis allows you to quickly and accurately create cephalometric markings and analyze teleradiographs accordingly, saving time and increasing your efficiency.

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