eLAB prime patch 2.0.0 crack

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Why should you buy cracked eLAB prime patch 2.0.0?

  • Incredible digital implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
  • Improvement of your dental or orthodontist office with a modern solution.
  • Patients will be impressed with an accurate measurement.
  • Reduced staff costs: the application does almost everything instead of a potential assistant.
  • And other useful functions and abilities.
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More about cracked eLAB prime patch 2.0.0

Improved features

The new cracked eLAB patch enables dental technicians to conveniently import their digital photos for each new case. An image analysis is carried out automatically immediately after the upload. The teeth are automatically recognized by an AI (artificial intelligence) specially trained for this task and the color values are measured. The required recipe for coating the dentures is displayed immediately.

After the first replacement tooth has been set up, the dental technician photographs the result and imports the photo into eLAB. The section of the newly created denture is now automatically “built into” the patient’s virtual dentition; the result is analyzed by activated eLAB and can now be assessed (“digital try-in”). The result: Any color deviations are displayed immediately – together with a recommendation for action – and can be incorporated into the further processing of the workpiece.

Even daily reports are available with eLAb prime cracked version:

eLab creates graphical reports, including day-by-day business reports or registration reports. The solution offers a designer module that enables users to create and redesign professional test report templates. In addition, users can assign short codes to complex medical terms and place them in the result-entry forms to avoid manual mistakes.

New standarts

The eLAB system is developing into the new standard for analysis and color measurement in restorative dental treatment. eLAB determines the exact color values ​​of the tooth surface of their patients for dental technicians on the basis of digital photos. The software analyzes the data and automatically generates a recipe with the help of which precisely fitting dental prostheses can be created.

Cracked eLAB prime patch 2.0.0 is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. Rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.

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