ExoCad patch 2.2 Valletta crack 2020

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Order cracked ExoCad patch 2.2 Valletta 2020 and enjoy a faster workflow, improved productivity and enhancements to your office. The coolest offer – activated ExoCad PartiCAD patch 2.2 Valletta 2020 on our website at the lowest price.

Why should you order activated ExoCad patch 2.2 Valletta 2020?

  • Development of your workflow as a dentist or an orthodontist with a contemporary solution.
  • Customers will be satisfied with the service and will definitely return back to you again.
  • Decreased staff costs: this software does almost all the job instead of a possible assistant.
  • Other numerous useful functions and facilities.

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Features of Exocad 2.2 2020 Valletta

  • Over 30 new tools and 130 updates to existing functions
  • Lots of hot keys for easy operation
  • Additional modules for working with temporary restorations and removable dentures
  • Added dentalshare webview: links to preview 3D images via web browser or mobile
  • New library of natural and aesthetically pleasing HD imaging tooth models
  • And much more

Exocad is a reliable, multifunctional and widely used software in dental practice, which is characterized by simplicity and ease of use.

The modular software system allows you to leverage your investment – you only pay for the features you use. At the same time, EXOCAD is constantly updated, so you can not only expand your capabilities through additional modules, but also keep up with the times using new tools.

If you have a need to design additional elements, then you can expand the basic version of EXOCAD by purchasing the necessary modules:

  • Exocad DICOM viewer module. DICOM Viewer
  • Exocad Implant module. Implant module
  • Exocad Bar module. Beam module
  • Exocad Bite splint module. Teeth splinting module
  • Exocad Model Creator module. Model creation module
  • Exocad Virtual Аrticulator module. Virtual articulator
  • Exocad Provisional module. Temporary structures module
  • Exocad Full Denture Module. Full denture module
  • Exocad Trusmile module. Module for natural visualization of restorations
  • Exocad Tooth Library module. Additional library of natural teeth
  • Exocad Partial Framework Module. Clasp creation module
  • Exocad Jaw Motion Import Module. Jaw movement registration module
  • Smile Design module. Patient’s smile planning module (in development)
  • Surgical Guide Design Module. Surgical template module (in development)

Computer requirements:

Processor: Intel Core-i7 – 2600 (Socket 1155) or better

RAM: at least 16GB

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 560 Memory Card 2GB Video RAM

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows 10 (versions 1607, 1703, 1709) 64 bit

Resolution: 1920×1080 or higher

Cracked ExoCad patch 2.2 Valletta 2020 is a cool tool for dentists and orthodontists. Fast work and quite simple usage will make your purchase successful. This software allows you to speed up your workflow and leave the client very happy after the session. People believe in what they see. Show the client a step-by-step treatment process and he will gain confidence in a positive result.