coDiagnostiX patch 9.15 crack 2021

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Full modules
Unlimited export STL
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  • Incredible digital 3D implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
  • Improvement of your dental or orthodontist office with a modern solution.
  • Patients will be impressed with an accurate measurement.
  • Reduced staff costs: the application does almost everything instead of a potential assistant.
  • And other useful functions and abilities.
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Computer-assisted procedures have become increasingly important in dentistry over the past 20 years. In particular, the navigated insertion of implants has become well established. One of the numerous planning programs on the market is hacked coDiagnostiX from Dental Wings, which enables fast, precise and safe implant placement. Thanks to its diverse measuring and planning functions, predictable results can be achieved in both simple and more complex surgical cases.

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