exocad Ceramill patch 2.4 Plovdiv 2020 crack

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Dental equipment Amann Girrbach AG (Austria)

The brand is considered a pioneer in the development of CAD / CAM technology and provides a complete service in the field of digital dental prosthetics. The headquarters are located in Vorarlberg, Austria. Amann Girrbach products are supplied to more than 90 countries. The brand focuses on the constant expansion of the range, but strives to keep the products available even for small clinics and laboratories. In 2018, the company launched a collaboration with 3D Systems in the field of 3D printing and intends to further develop production with a focus on the digital sphere.

Amann Girrbach offers state-of-the-art solutions for every stage of the creation of models and the production of restoration products. Articulators of the brand allow to speed up the work of the specialist, fully simulating the movement of the patient’s jaw without sacrificing accuracy. The fully automatic scanner processes and loads the acquired data on-the-fly into CAD software. The furnace allows you to start the sintering process of the frameworks with one click. The uniform temperature distribution and elimination of friction ensure high density of zirconium oxide, no distortion.

The main updates:

  • The manufacture of the prosthesis base using a 3D printer
  • New 3D printing material “Denture 3D +” validated and integrated
  • The denture teeth from VITA, MERZ Dental and Kulzer can thus be glued directly to the printed base.
  • The VITA Vionic VIGO Library has been stored and can be bonded as usual with the Vita Vionic Bond bonding process.

Patended new unique material

In order to guarantee the consistency of the shades, Amann Girrbach applied an intelligent concept of matching the shade of the workpiece to the future restoration. The color gradient is created in such a way that the user can easily place the restoration in the workpiece and perform work on the mill. Ceramill Zolid FX multilayer billets represent a new class of materials – cubic zirconia, combining high transparency characteristics with low cost and efficiency of using pre-colored materials.

The process of creating highly aesthetic restorations has become much easier due to the lack of staining steps and other modifications. The patented multilayer zirconia blanks provide the ultra-high translucency, hitherto only available for lithium disilicate, while also having a high strength allowing the fabrication of 3-piece bridges even in the molar region.

The patient, physician and technician have gained a distinct advantage over the materials previously used such as lithium disilicate.

The advantages of cracked Ceramill patch 2.4 Plovdiv

  • Multicolor zirconia with smooth shade transition and translucency gradient
  • Intelligent concept for the exact shade matching of the workpiece and the future restoration based on the classic VITA shade
  • Highly aesthetic restorations in the area of ​​the anterior and posterior teeth in one step, without any rework
  • Smooth gradient color change without interferences and borders
  • High economic efficiency
  • The fabrication of 3-piece bridges, even in the molar area, significantly expands the range of applications compared to lithium disilicate

Cracked Ceramill patch 2.4 Plovdiv is a cool software for dentists and orthodontists. Fast work and quite simple usage will make your purchase successful. This software allows you to speed up your workflow and leave the client very happy after the session. People believe in what they see. Show the client a step-by-step treatment process and he will gain confidence in a positive result.